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Structural Design

Let’s put it out there up front—we love structural design.  

Across Aotearoa and the world, we’ve built a reputation for translating that deep love of our discipline into robust, resilient, elegant structures of all shapes and sizes. Holmes consistently delivers great solutions, combining inventive custom technology with the specialist technical knowledge you only acquire through decades of collective learning.  

In structural design, we’re purists—our view is that any job worth doing is worth doing right first time. Our clients and partners enjoy our forthright pragmatism, and our ability to shed bold new light on age old problems. We’re experts in achieving cost efficiencies through the intelligent use of materials, and skilled at designing for ease of construction. We’ve got a strong green streak, with sustainability never far from our thoughts. 

Woven through all the technical knowledge, technology and design genius, we’ve still got that good old Kiwi practicality. We’ll design the most appropriate solution for the situation, delivering on time and to budget. That’s why we’re the benchmark for quality in structural design for buildings the length and breadth of Aotearoa, and well beyond.

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