Structural Fire Engineering

We believe that the science of engineering allows for the design buildings to be inherently fire resistive.

Holmes take a holistic approach to structural fire safety by bridging the gap between the architects, structural and fire engineers. The structural fire design can then be analysed for its fire resistive performance and designed in response. 

Historically a building was designed, and then additional fire protection materials were applied to meet code compliance. Through a specialist team, partnered with advanced technology, Holmes is pushing the boundaries of structural design and its response to fire. 

This analysis can be completed on steel, concrete, timber and composite structures delivering benefits for all stakeholders.


The Structural Fire team can deliver the following benefits; 

  • Reduction of Cost 
  • Fire protection materials 
  • Long term maintenance 
  • Optimise structural member sizes  
  • Reduced construction programmes 
  • Improved Aesthetics 
  • Allowing flexibility in expression 
  • Offering opportunities to expose the raw nature of a structure 
  • Faster Construction Schedule & Ease of Constructability 
  • Improved design efficiencies 
  • Simplification of structural design and detailing  


Structural Fire Engineering- understanding where disciplines overlap