Strategic Sprinklers Result in Big Savings

fire department sprays sprinkler onto street


Fire Protection Engineering

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We look holistically at meeting requirements for fire sprinkler system installations, whether designing warehousing, retail and other storage occupancies. We work closely with our client to provide a solution with an efficient capital outlay that suits the immediate and future needs of the building. We have discussions with the developer and prospective tenants about a project’s potential usage and commodity storage classifications to ensure that the installed systems design criteria are incorporated into tenancy agreements. We also can advocate for the adaptability of the building where deemed appropriate, giving the owner the opportunity to maintain as wide a potential tenant market as possible in a cost-effective manner. 

We look at flexible roof only systems that allow for multiple configurations within the space. We do this by coordinating with the architect and structural designers early on in the project to accommodate the requirements of protection criteria.  

We take an international best practice approach to standards and codes where applicable to the local jurisdiction, and we also will work with insurers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction to provide a design that satisfies all stakeholder requirements. 


Bunnings warehouse sprinkler system above tools aisle

Bunnings Warehouse (Garden and Hardware Stores)—Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ

construction workers in new empty Bunnings warehouse

control room at Bunnings warehouse