Revit Modelling

Revit model of fire protection in commercial space by conference room

Augmenting Fire Protection Possibilities


Fire Protection Engineering

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Modern buildings are changing, becoming increasingly complicated and fitting more into less space. This requires highly detailed upfront Fire Protection design.

Gone are the days of large services having voids and zones for each service. Nowadays, we are squeezing all services into the same small spaces or even running all services exposed. This is where Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Autodesk Revit designs come into their own.  

Revit has revolutionised our Fire Protection team’s ability to coordinate with other disciplines and solve difficult construction problems. In the 3D world, we can get a full picture of how the structure is going to fit together, what the architect is creating, and how services are reticulating. With our constantly growing library of 3D equipment, we present our designs in a way that lets clients see exactly what they are getting.  

Clash detection is performed through the use of various software packages. The clash reports generated allow us to see where penetrations are needed, and where extra coordination is required.  Live cloud-based designs enable us to collaborate seamlessly with other disciplines. We can see what they want to do in the instant they are doing it and respond accordingly. 

Revit is the present and ever-evolving future of Fire Protection Designs.

fire protection revit modeling of pipe system

Fire Pump

fire protection revit modelling of complex pipe system

Fire Pump Room