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Architectural design must demonstrate compliance with the building code in order to receive a permit. Unfortunately, the building code was not developed to be an all-encompassing document able to anticipate every angle of innovative building design.

At Holmes, our clients often approach us with very unique and creative ideas that dream bigger and beyond the code. Rather than limiting these ideas and producing cookie-cutter designs, Holmes strives to evaluate and apply the true intent of specific code provisions—developing fire and life safety solutions based on science and sound justification so that the design team has the flexibility it desires to innovate.  

We really enjoy being involved in projects from the onset and collaborating with the design team. This leads us to developing tailor-made fire and life safety strategies for the design. It also gives us the opportunity to coordinate these solutions and strategies with the local building and fire authorities early on, making the approvals process much smoother and more streamlined.  

At the end of the design process, our fire and life safety solutions are cost-effective, facilitate ambitious architecture, and provide the level of safety that all stake-holders—including the building and fire authorities—are happy with.     

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Working through your projects as a team is our approach. Collaboration to us is key.

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