Passive Fire Protection

As part of Holmes Fires ability to proactively design and integrate the needs of the entire team, we are pleased to bring passive fire stopping specialist skills to any project.  Our skills can address new designs, but also existing building non compliances.

Delaying or simply ignoring the co-ordination of fire stopping until construction can be a risky process. Significant time delays, re-work, re-design, and ongoing Building Warrant of Fitness challenges used to be prevalent, by engaging our Passive fire services, Holmes Fire can mitigate those frustrations.

Uncovering an array of non-compliances in existing buildings need not force an owner into complete reinstallation.  The easy answer is to do all the repairs. With our CPEng registered Fire engineers we have successfully managed to assess the risk and in cases eliminated the majority of upgrades.

Combining the skills of our Fire Engineers, Passive Fire engineers and Revit specialists, we are able to tailor a design, procurement and construction observation role for any project.  Our goal is to provide input that is commensurate with the risk mitigation strategy agreed with the team and client.


Our deliverables can include, but not be limited to:

  • undertaking risk assessments to mitigate remediation work
  • Reviewing design details and drawings to help mitigate possible incorrect intersections/junctions etc or unbuildable scenarios on site
  • verifying a compatible market solution is available
  • informing on changes to accommodate market supply
  • influencing design for more efficient installation outcomes
  • providing specific product options
  • creating a fair and competitive tender price
  • determining the spatial real estate to install a solution, including either 2D or 3D revit design input
  • observing works as they progress

Backing up our teams 20 years of experience in installing fire stopping systems, and now providing design support, is access to real fire experience gained from Holmes’ inhouse accredited furnace testing facility.

The combined knowledge of fire engineering, passive fire design, and furnace testing is an inevitable combination to achieve great outcomes for any project.