Cladding Fire Safety

Since the Lacrosse fire in 2014, Holmes has made it a priority to ensure our team are not only fully aware of the risks associated with composite façade panels but also educated on the developments and management of cladding as a whole in the construction industry.

We focus on understanding the current situation a building is faced with and prioritise how to manage the safety of its users while also acknowledging the financial and project management implications of its replacement or remediation. We look to the future and work with project stakeholders to investigate the risk associated with the facade and how this interacts with the overall building’s fire safety strategy.

Why assess your cladding project with us?

As fire engineers we have specialist knowledge of the mechanisms of fire spread, and our clients come to us for practical solutions about how to manage the risk of potential fire spread.

We develop multiple options for consideration by looking at methods of remediation and compare the level of risk to the baseline so we can determine quantitatively, the degree of improvement to the building’s current state. Our experienced Engineers will keep you and your project team informed throughout the process.

Our focus is to achieve life safety, property protection and business continuance objectives, but in a pragmatic way that suits your building. This process enables Holmes to achieve the best for project solution in terms of cost, minimal disruption for the building owners and stakeholders. Our preferred design option will always be focussed on enhancing existing attributes or systems of the building.